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That is just one of the reasons to get KIWI Kisan Window franchise.

Welcome to KIWI Kisan Window:

Started in 2018 , KIWI Kisan Window is a Health & Wellness Chain of Grocery Store & Cafe with Omni Sales Channel Across India serving 1200+ SKUs like pulses, spices, herbs, oils pickles, jam, tea, coffee, dry fruits, ready to eat, squashes, cold pressed juices & fresh salads. We are a tech enabled Farm to Fork Grocery Brand, that is Head Quatered in Dehradun with its Factory Setup.

KIWI embarked on its journey with a visionary purpose: to empower customers while providing aspiring entrepreneurs a solid foundation to thrive. Our mission is to establish an organised, value-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem, encouraging franchise owners to take strategic risks for market expansion and profit generation. 

Partnering with KIWI is your assured voyage toward realising your entrepreneurial dreams, steering them in the right direction.

Why Choose KIWI?

To begin, KIWI provides comprehensive assistance essential for the inception of a thriving franchise outlet, all while affording you the autonomy to manage it in your preferred manner. KIWI is stead fast in its belief in cultivating a profound sense of proprietorship in franchisees, ensuring their self-sufficiency for the long term.

  • Seamless Operations
  • Optimal Return on Investment 
  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Affordable Startup Costs
  • Dedicated Customer Assistance


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