Collaborative Initiatives With Farmers Of India


30K+ Farmers

Empowering Farmers Across India

We are deeply engaged in assisting marginalised smallholding farmers across regions such as Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Bihar, and more.

Our mission entails a meticulous assessment of farmland conditions and farming techniques, along with providing dedicated guidance for a seamless conversion to organic farming practices. We collaborate closely with smallholding organic farmers, facilitating their access to markets via well-structured value chains.


Each purchase from us contributes to the critical process of carbon sequestration, bolsters the sustainability of rural livelihoods, and empowers women within our local communities. KIWI's support has a ripple effect, with women gaining economic independence, influencing financial decisions within their households, and contributing to improved living standards, including access to better healthcare and education for their families. The brand's encouragement for women to assume leadership roles within farming cooperatives and community initiatives has shattered traditional gender roles, inspiring women to lead, guide, and participate in decision-making processes.

KIWI is sowing the seeds of empowerment, equality, and progress, demonstrating that it's not merely an organic brand but a powerful catalyst for bringing about significant change in the lives of both women and farmers within these villages.