About us

It was an energy that was the reason for the inception of this universe and it was the same energy that created us. And just like the universe, we are an intricate design. The human body, by design, is high functioning yet somehow we have found ways to make it inefficient. We believe that the very energy that created the universe lives inside us. Our bodies are highly impressionable and very often our belongings end up defining us. The problem is that we overlook the one external influence that is of utmost importance; food. Eating is the ingestion of the purest form of cosmic energy. Food doesn't just run our body, it becomes us. This energy has been here since the beginning of time, it's the purest form of existence. We are the purest form of existence. We, at Kisan Window, have this dream to try to help you get closer to that purity of mind and body by bringing you products that are as natural and pure as you. It’s as ambitious as it sounds but we humans are an ambitious species. Kisan Window works with farmers at the grass-root level to bring you organic and conscious food that does justice to the exceptional form of existence that you are.