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We are deeply engaged in assisting marginalised smallholding farmers across regions such as Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Bihar, and more. Our mission entails a meticulous assessment of farmland conditions and farming techniques, along with providing dedicated guidance for a seamless conversion to organic farming practices. We collaborate closely with smallholding organic farmers, facilitating their access to markets via well-structured value chains.


Collaborative Initiatives with Farmers of Uttarakhand:

At Kiwi , we take immense pride in fostering strong partnerships with Uttarakhand farmers as we embark on a journey to promote organic agriculture and support local communities. We source a range of exceptional products from Uttarakhand, each contributing to the unique tapestry of this region. From the sweetness of jaggery to the heartiness of Rajma, the purity of organic honey, and the nutritional richness of amaranth, Kiwi celebrates and promotes the flavours of Uttarakhand.By connecting them with our network, we enable them to access markets that value the exceptional quality of their products, thereby enhancing their economic prospects and contributing to the well-being of local communities.


Collaborative Initiatives with Farmers of Kashmir:

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and empowering local communities extends to the breathtaking region of Kashmir. We celebrate the unique offerings of Kashmir, from the rare saffron to the precious shilajit, the delicious walnuts, and the sweet plumberry. Our partnership with local farmers is a testament to our commitment to nurture and promote the distinctive flavors of this region.Through this collaboration, we aim to empower local communities by offering fair prices for their organic produce. We connect these farmers with markets that appreciate the premium quality of their offerings, enhancing their economic prospects and elevating their standards of living.


Collaborative Initiatives with Farmers of Bihar:

Our association with Bihar farmers revolves around a shared vision of promoting organic farming practices. In recent years, Bihar has emerged as a hub for organic farming, and the collaboration between Kiwi, and the local farmers of Bihar, especially for sourcing Makhane (fox nuts), is a shining example of how such partnerships can be mutually beneficial. This collaborative initiative not only promotes sustainable agriculture but also empowers local farmers, contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.By connecting them with our extensive network, we enable farmers to access markets and consumers who appreciate the high-quality organic products they cultivate. This translates into improved economic opportunities and enhanced livelihoods fo


Collaborative Initiatives with Farmers of Uttar Pradesh:

Our alliance with farmers in Uttar Pradesh revolves around the shared goal of advocating for organic farming practices. Together, we work diligently to ensure that the land is cultivated using natural methods, devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides. This approach yields healthier, more sustainable crops. Our partnership allows us to provide our customers with a wide array of fresh, organic produce from the fertile fields of Uttar Pradesh. From a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables to fragrant herbs and grains, each purchase from Kiwi Organic Store directly supports these local farmers and facilitates their journey to reaching mainstream markets.


Collaborative Initiatives with Farmers of Coorg:

Through our collaboration, we empower local Coorg farmers by providing them with a broader platform to showcase their products to a wider audience. Coorg is renowned for its exceptional coffee, and Kiwi is proud to source our coffee directly from the region. By doing so, we not only support local coffee growers but also deliver the authentic and exquisite flavours of Coorg coffee to coffee lovers nationwide.

We proudly collaborate with farmers from multiple states, working together to promote their agricultural endeavours and boost their livelihoods.




IMPACT: Each purchase from us contributes to the critical process of carbon sequestration, bolsters the sustainability of rural livelihoods, and empowers women within our local communities. Kiwi's support has a ripple effect, with women gaining economic independence, influencing financial decisions within their households, and contributing to improved living standards, including access to better healthcare and education for their families. The brand's encouragement for women to assume leadership roles within farming cooperatives and community initiatives has shattered traditional gender roles, inspiring women to lead, guide, and participate in decision-making processes.

Kiwi is sowing the seeds of empowerment, equality, and progress, demonstrating that it's not merely an organic brand but a powerful catalyst for bringing about significant change in the lives of both women and farmers within these villages.